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Bonds hair system to hard bond glue.

  • Systems: All
  • Single-sided:
    • Sticky side bonds to system
    • Non-sticky side fuses to glue
  • For protecting systems from hard bonds
  • Removed from system with Lace Release™
  • For best results, use with Sure Stick Hard Bond


  1. Place support tape on front of hair unit.
  2. Remove liner from tape and secure to hair system around the perimeter.
  3. Before securing with Sure Stick Hard Bond, position hair system on client to ensure perfect alignment.
  4. Securely press the front of the unit in place with the support tape and pull up the back of the hair system to expose P.A.T. tape.
  5. Apply Sure Stick Hard Bond adhesive to P.A.T. Tape.
  6. Carefully roll hair system back, aligning perfectly, then press and hold for approximately 2 minutes applying equal pressure around the entire perimeter of hair system.
  7. Before styling, check the bond perimeter for any gaps and spot bond if necessary.


  • Store below 90°F.
  • Test on small area before use.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • External use only.
  • Avoid eye contact.
  • Do not apply to severely irritated skin
  • Professional use only 

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